Long Term Care Partnership Program of Oregon

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The Oregon Long Term Care Partnership Program was established in January 1, 2008. It is a union between the State of Oregon and private insurance companies wherein the program offers qualified long term care policies that residents can choose from to help them with the swelling costs of long term care.
To better mandate the progress of the program, it is administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services and the states’ Insurance Division. The Oregon Department of Human Services supervises the states’ Medicaid program, while, its Insurance Division manages insurance companies authorized of selling partnership policies to the residents.
Under each partnership policies, a policyholder is allowed to protect their assets should they apply for Medicaid assistance after depleting all their resources. With a dollar-for-dollar asset protection, the amount of assets that are not included in the Medicaid eligibility is equal to the amount of insurance benefits the partnership policy pays.
These partnership policies are also required to provide unique features like inflation protection, must be tax-qualified, and should meet customer protection requirements.
With protection against inflation, it is vital to acquire this special benefit. Inflation protection helps policyholders to keep up with the fast growing costs of LTC. However, inflation protection offered varies depending on age. In terms of being a tax-qualified policy, the premiums paid for the policy may be deducted from state and federal income tax returns.
To answer customer protection requirements, the partnership policies must also provide a written verification which indicates the time of issue of the policy, states that the policy is a qualified partnership policy and there is a full explanation of benefits that the policy covers.
Partnership policies in Oregon have already been marketed since January of 2008. Such policies are being offered by licensed insurance carriers which are being sold by agents with license as well.

Tips for Saving Money on Auto Insurance in Virginia

The Virginia economy has followed the national economy’s trend downward. This leaves many households short on disposable income. In many cases, families have to cut back on necessities. There is one particular area which someone should not completely remove from the budget. Insurance in any form should be viewed as an absolute necessity, as the risk of not having it far outweighs the cost of carrying it. Health insurance comes to most people’s mind at first mention of the word insurance. However, auto insurance is the topic at hand and is perhaps second in most people’s thoughts.
In Virginia, every motorist must have coverage of some kind or a fee of $500 per year is due so the driver can continue to carry a license. Regardless of whether you carry auto insurance, you will part with your hard earned money. Clearly, there is no excuse to not get at least the minimum coverage on your vehicle as it will prevent you from throwing money away and give you a little protection in the case the unexpected should happen.
You would not consider cutting out health insurance unless it was absolutely necessary and this view should also be shared with regards to car insurance. When trimming expenses, not much can be done about the cost of health insurance but if you are creative, you can find discount auto insurance. In many cases, simply going online and comparing rates of your current car insurance against some of the competitors will you net some initial savings. Cheap auto insurance may sound like a risk to some but, in reality, it is much less of a risk than not carrying coverage.
After your trip online searching and comparing rates for different companies offering auto insurance discounts in Virginia, you should be pretty happy seeing you can save a little money on your car insurance premium. If your satisfied at this point then, by all means, stop searching and switch your insurance to the discounted auto insurance company of your choice. However, with a little additional work you should be able to find further ways to reduce your rate online.
Some companies offer reductions to your quoted rate for the simplest of things, such as choosing not to have your insurance documentation printed and mailed to you. Instead, you would print your own documentation. There is one discount which should not be overlooked. Choosing to purchase your auto insurance online and paying your premium in full for a six or twelve month policy will result a substantial discount. Not only will this save you money but it will give you the peace of mind that you are protected for at least a six months without the worry of paying a monthly bill.
In summary, if your household is looking to trim expenses in this difficult economic time, venture online and compare rates on your car insurance. Search the companies for things you can do which will further reduce your rates. You will be surprised with how much extra money you will save. Finally, consider visiting Elephant Auto Insurance online at Elephant.com to get a cheap rate quote and purchase your discount auto insurance.

Is Long Term Care Insurance Information Accessible Online?

Long Term Care insurance is undoubtedly one of the most important necessities that every individual American resident should invest on. With these trying times, we can never really be sure of anything or of what is going to happen. So it is just appropriate to plan wisely on the things that will be helpful to us when we are gray and old.
Some Long Term Care insurance information is easily available on the internet. Insurance companies provide free online assessment of the possible cost of your Long Term Care insurance should you want to avail one. Certain information such as the applicant’s age, present health condition, family medical history, and kind of lifestyle affect the range of the premium and rate of the Long Term Care insurance quote that you might get. Being a smoker or non-smoker of the applicant also has an effect on the insurance’s cost.
Long Term Care insurance is especially established to cover the expenses for long term care services such as rehabilitation and therapy of the insured individual, daily personal care from medical professionals, nursing home facilities, and use of other medical facilities that the policyholder needs. The owner of Long Term Care insurance might also be treated or taken care of at his own home if he prefers it rather than to stay in a nursing home.
Other government agencies like that of the local Department of Insurance of some states also give out Long Term Care insurance information to the residents. Some even offer their natives a Long Term Care insurance partnership program. It aims to help individuals prepare for their future by allowing them to buy a partnership program and still apply for Medicaid insurance once they have used up all their Long Term Care insurance partnership plan. The Long Term Care insurance information that is usually available to the public includes the advantages and benefits of owning a Long Term Care and comparison of the price range of the rates and premiums 10-15 years from now.
But some people may still find it impractical and pricey especially now that the economy is not yet fully stabilized. This is the reason why private insurance companies and other LTC insurance providers make sure that they give out correct and accurate Long Term Care insurance information. They want to make the public know that the price and benefits of Long Term Care insurance are worth all your hard-earned money and savings and that Long Term Care insurance will not fail you once the time comes that you need to use and maximize its advantages. Also, being a Long Term Care insurance owner gives you the advantage of living a more peaceful and comfortable life. It makes you enjoy all your assets and savings from years of hard work and dedication to your job.
For more Long Term Care insurance information, you may contact an authorized insurance agent or check the websites of LTC insurance providers to request for more precise details of Long Term Care insurance and to request for Long Term Care insurance quotes, as well.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Life Assurance

It can be beneficial to begin a life insurance policy when you are young and healthy, as the insurance premium you pay could be lower. As your lifestyle and life changes over the years, you can amend your life assurance policy to better suit your requirements. You should always stay in touch with your provider as major changes happen in your life, including getting married, having kids or moving house.
In general, however, it is safe to say that life cover is cheaper when you are young and healthy. Most people take out life cover to ensure that their dependants are cared for if they die, or to meet mortgage repayments. If you take out a policy earlier in your life, although you may end up paying the life insurance for longer, you may well find that you get more value for money over the long term. Usually, your provider will allow you to make monthly payments that are guaranteed to stay the same as you get older, unless you increase your cover or extend the cover term…
Life assurance is important, as it will protect your loved ones financially in the event of your death. Your family can receive a cash sum if you die during the cover period or, in some cases, you can even receive payment early if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. You will find that all insurance providers allow you to choose how long you’d like cover for and the amount your family or partner would need as a final payout. In some cases you can also pay an additional amount to ensure that your cover will continue if you are unable to work through illness or injury for over 6 months..
You should therefore start to think about life cover as soon as possible. By starting a life insurance policy from a young age, you will ensure that you and your future family are financially safe.

Why Is Life Insurance A Necessity?

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Life Insurance is so important to have – almost as a backup strategy we never know what ‘life’ has in store for us. Yet the majority of us know that an accident is inevitable somewhere throughout our life time. We also know that our circumstances will change, whether it be a pay rise, marriage or becoming a parent. Often these life altering events drive us to the process of taking out life cover so that we are able to provide financial security for loved ones if an awful situation arises.
There are various reasons as why people have a life insurance policy:
– Becoming a parent and starting a family brings huge responsibilities and at this stage in life, people start to think about how best they can protect their family, therefore they seek life cover.
– Throughout a working career, income levels are bound to fluctuate, and in terms of life insurance, this policy can cover whatever life style you are living.
– In Marriage if you have to cope with the loss of the person you love, having to deal with the burden of debts, calls and questions about financial matters is the last thing you want to deal with. To make sure your debts are covered and make the transaction as easy as possible for the loved ones you have left behind, you should seek to purchase life insurance.
– Moving house and/or buying a house is a huge responsibility and probably the most common reason for people take out life cover. In the case of a bad event, your debt will be covered if you have life insurance cover.
– Life insurance is important for future finances as it instils a sense of security and safe guards the future hopes and dreams of your loved ones.
– Knowing your mortgage will be paid off should the worst happen is a huge weight off anyone’s shoulders. Buying life insurance as mortgage protection, puts people’s minds at rest, knowing that family members will not be left homeless if a dreadful situation occurs. This especially concerns those whose house is in their name, however live with their husband/wife, family or long term partner – they would have no say regarding the house after your death. In addition life insurance can also be used to pay off an outstanding mortgage balance.
Another form of financial protection is Critical Illness Cover; research shows that we are five times more likely to need critical illness cover before we reach retirement that any other financial protection. Critical illness protection pays a tax free lump sum on the diagnosis of anyone of a list of serious illnesses; including cancer and heart attacks.

Getting Reliable Car Insurance in Seattle

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The importance of a having a car insurance cannot be underestimated and it is important for car owners to have one. In most countries, you are not allowed to drive your car if you do not have a valid car insurance cover. This is done to protect you and other drivers. In addition, the car insurance will protect your car in the event of an accident, theft and damage. Although having car insurance is considered expensive, there are many affordable Seattle car insurance packages that will provide the much needed cover.
The city of Seattle has many residents and thus to effectively cater for their needs, many car insurance Seattle companies have been established. The insurance companies compete with each other and thus consumers are able to benefit from the competitive premiums charged on the Seattle car insurance plans. It is important for car owners to perform a careful study on the insurance market so as to select the ideal and affordable policy that will help them save on avoidable overhead expenses and payments.
There are various forms of Seattle car insurance policies and therefore one must understand the features contained in each policy before accepting the terms and conditions. Majority of car insurance Seattle agencies will persuade you to sign up to their best policy, thus you need to figure out if all those packages offered are necessary. Do not sign up for something that will give you sleepless nights.
The benefit of using the services of Seattle car insurance is that you will have instant access to information that will help you in making the right move. Rather than enquiring about the rates charged by multiple insurance companies, Seattle car insurance will undertake the process on your behalf and present you with perfect car insurance policy that meets your needs. Moreover, if you are satisfied by the contents of the policy, you can sign up for the cover and start enjoying the benefits of a top notch and reputable insurance company.
Many people are concerned about the high costs of insurance cover offered by most companies. However, Seattle car insurance goes to great lengths to find companies that provide discounts and will even negotiate with the company on the best possible discount to offer you. The company has several discounts that it provides to its clients such as good driver discount, car safety discount, youth good driver among others.
A good company is measured by the professionalism of its customer care service. Seattle car insurance has invested in its customer service and you will be assisted within the shortest time possible in case you experience problems. The support team will also help you understand any term that you find hard to comprehend. Moreover, the company provides support round the clock.
There are many insurance companies in the city and going through all of them trying to find the best one is a tedious process. Why not allow car insurance Seattle to do the job for you and present you with the most suitable insurance package?

Can You Afford A Life Cover Policy?

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Life cover will pay out a lump sum on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness, provided the policy terms and conditions are met. This cover becomes even more valuable to those who are incapable of working as the result of illness or injury. Unfortunately, this will have a big impact on their income and they may have to rely on State benefits or even be forced to dip into their savings. They could decide that they can’t afford to continue paying for their life cover and cancel the policies.
If someone cancels a policy, they may find that they are unable to get replacement cover in the future. Even if they can take out another policy, the cover may cost more or be subject to exclusions. The cost of life cover increases with age and a history of serious illness or injury may also require a higher premium. It therefore makes very good sense not to cancel a life cover policy during a period of long-term illness or injury.
It is possible to add, for an extra charge, a benefit that will keep the premiums going during a period of long-term illness or accidental injury. This benefit must be added from the start of the policy and is available to those below a certain age, set by the provider, who are in good health and don’t work in a high-risk occupation. The insured person can claim the benefit if the illness or injury has stopped them from working for more than a certain period, typically six months. The provider will keep the premiums going until the person recovers.
But what about those who suffer illness or injury when they aren’t in full-time employment? Well, this benefit can also apply to them. They can usually claim the benefit if they are ill or injured and are unable, six months after the start of the illness or injury, to perform a number of basic, everyday tasks.
So, anyone considering taking out a life cover policy, will need to decide whether to include this valuable benefit. It is comforting to know that no premiums will be collected at a time of long-term incapacity and that the policy can continue to provide financial peace of mind.
It’s always sensible to read the terms and conditions, before starting a policy, to ensure that the cover meets all requirements.

Why Valentine’s Day Makes Home Insurance Even More Important

You maybe be able to reason that you don’t live on a flood plain or your house is more cute and cosy than grand designs and therefore home insurance would be just another way to ensure that the big bankers keep getting bigger bonuses. If this is the case you probably wouldn’t expect that St Valentine the patron Saint of Love would put a very good case forward for insuring your home.
Statistics released by PayPal state that on average this Valentine’s Day, the romantics in this country will spend in total over £1.6 billion pounds on their loved ones. This breaks down to an average spend of £71.25 per person, with single men aged between 25 and 34 spending the most to woo their partners. Direct Line estimates that out of the billions of pounds being spent on gifts £467 million will be spent on jewellery. In some cases the jewellery brought may significantly increase the value of the contents of a home and is much easier to steal than other high value items due to its size.
Whilst Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your loved one how you care, it is worth thinking about protecting any expensive gifts that you buy to avoid heartache later on. It may not be top of the agenda for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening to ring around trying to obtain suitable insurance quotes, but planning ahead will pay dividends if that expensive gift gets lost, stolen or broken later on. Being able to replace something that contains so much sentimental value as well as actually value will help to ease the pain.
It is especially important to think about taking out home insurance if you live in rented accommodation. Recent figures from Zurich Insurance say that around £8 billion worth of household possessions are not insured. The majority of those not covered were private renters, ever though they estimated the net worth of their goods to be more than ten thousand pounds per household and with some individuals items costing more than £1500. When asked how long people thought it would take to replace all of their belongings 20% felt it would take a minimum of two years, and 30% felt that they would never get everything back.
When asked why people were deciding not to insure their home, some tenants thought that their possessions were already covered by their landlords insurance and another 25% felt that the risk of losing everything was minimal. However you don’t have to lose everything for home insurance to be worth the money. Just imagine if this year Saint Valentine brought you, your perfect gift, but if it ever was to be lost you may not be able to get it back.

What Are Your Life Insurance Needs?

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Do you need life insurance? If you bring home a paycheck through employment or business ownership, your family might be hard-pressed to meet living expenses without your income. Or, if you are a stay-at-home parent, many of the contributions you make are not accounted for like caring for children, housekeeping, errands, etc. Salary.com created a mom salary calculator to help families determine how much the stay-at-home parent’s salary is really worth. You’d be surprised to know that a stay-at-home parent with two children has an annual median salary that equated to more than $122,000.
If you are business owner, you need to plan ahead for a smooth business transfer of your interest in the business. You may want to pass the interest along to another family member, or you may want to have your investment transferred to your loved ones.
Life Insurance can provide funds to help cover all of these expenses and more. So where do you start? You can start by contacting an Allstate Agent for help, or you can learn more about the basic types of life insurance: Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance.
Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance offers basic protection with level premiums for a fixed span of time, typically from ten to 30 years. You simply pay premiums for this period of time and you’re covered. Learn more about Term Life Insurance or get a Term Life Insurance quote now.
Permanent Life Insurance
Permanent Life Insurance is designed to provide a cash value and can be either fixed or variable.
Permanent Non-Registered Life Insurance Protection options:
Universal Life – Universal Life insurance is permanent life insurance that gives you flexibility. For example, After selecting an initial premium and death benefit amount, you can decide when and how much you want to pay into your policy. You can increase payments to build additional cash value, decrease the death benefit amount, decrease payments or even skip payments as long as your cash value is adequate to cover the cost of insurance charges and other policy related expenses.
Permanent Variable Life Insurance Protection:
The Variable Life insurance option is similar to universal life insurance, but instead of your cash value growing at a fixed interest rate, you can choose to purchase a variable policy which may increase or decrease in value.
Variable Life Insurance benefits include:
* The option of investing your premiums in a wide range of variable sub-accounts. Many variable life policies allow you to allocate funds among a range of variable sub-accounts ranging from conservative to aggressive.
* Your death benefit remains protected as long as you meet the conditions stated in your policy.
* In many variable life policies, after paying the initial premium, you decide when and how much you want to pay into the policy, as long as there is sufficient net surrender value to pay the cost of insurance charges and other policy related expenses.
* In many variable life policies, you can increase or decrease your death benefit amount without buying a new policy (subject to additional terms and conditions).
* Your cash value growth increases or decreases depending upon the terms of the variable policy and on the performance of your selected variable sub-accounts.

Get The Right Car Insurance Policy By Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting the right car insurance is the next step you need to consider after you have purchased your dream car. With the proper type of car insurance, your car is protected from just about all forms of problems as well as contingencies on road that may possibly wreck your car wholly.
It is smart to choose an insurance policy that is not just the one offering you maximum coverage, but you should be able to afford it easily. If perhaps your car is not offered protection, you may well have to face massive costs in case there is any harm to your car caused by rough driving, error of the other car drivers or several other factors that may well lead to a horrible mishap. Once you know what coverage you need and the amount you can afford to pay, you can invest in the best car insurance policy.
Now that you know the importance of car insurance, it is essential to choose the right car insurance policy for you car. You will find several auto insurance organizations in the market that deliver you several car insurance quotes that may well be very confusing for you to choose the right deal. However, the smartest way to get the best deal is by getting as many car insurance quotes as possible. When you have several car insurance quotes, you may select the right deal by evaluating them.
Be careful while selecting the car insurance policy as there are several other factors to be kept in mind . Initially, you need to check the level of protection each and every car insurance company offers. The coverage offered should match with your insurance requirements. Next, you need to view in case the car insurance quotes provided by each company satisfies your price range. Is it easy for you to make premium payments on time for long term? If perhaps not, select any other car insurance company that offers affordable quotes. This way you can choose the best car insurance policy that meets your insurance needs as well as is affordable for you to pay.
If in case you are even now mystified to select the proper policy, you may seek the guidance of an insurance professional who will do a comparison of the car insurance quotes properly as well as suggest you the proper one.
You might be really confused to find several quotes from different car insurance companies in short time and easily. Well, the answer is basic; you may make a small browse web based. There are several car insurance quotes comparison websites that offer you a range of car insurance quotes offered by different companies. Hence, you may do a comparison of the car insurance quotes instantly as well as conveniently and also get all the relevant facts about the car insurance policy you select. However, once you find a few car insurance companies that offer you the best deal at affordable rates, you should always try to find out of the car insurance company is reputable and worth relying on.
You may also ask all the inquiries concerning the car insurance policy from the insurance experts out there. If you get encouraging answers from the insurance experts out there, you can go ahead and chose the best car insurance plan for your car. However this method takes time, but you are investing your hard earned revenue while buying the car insurance policy. Its better to spend some time in researching than regretting later on.