Don’t Be Caught In The Rain Without Cover

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It appears the UK is a nation determined to cause confusion for its inhabitants, there is no way one can plan their wardrobe, it starts with showers, big heavy cold rain drops and by mid morning you are likely to have experienced an audience with some sun rays.
Don’t hold your breath, by late afternoon you may have experienced torrential rain, a hailstone storm or maybe you were lucky enough to have enjoyed a heat-wave. Regardless of how you structure your outfit in the morning you are guaranteed to have got it wrong at some point in the day, with all the various weather types that occur in one day is it any wonder that the average British home has some form of weather damage to it?
Add that to the vast majority of UK households that don’t have adequate home insurance and you see a messy picture muddifying before your eyes. As it stands statistics show that a massive one in five homes do not have any form of buildings or contents insurance. That means if their home were ravaged by one of the freak weather occurrences that regularly plague the UK weather front they would have to find the funds to fix their home and replace any furniture and belongings that were damaged.
Of those interviewed over sixty five per cent stated their contents to value around £15,000, that’s a lot of money to find under the sofa cushions to cover the costs that would undoubtedly occur from a flash flood. For those that suffered in the flash floods of previous years in the UK watching their lives quite literally float away before their eye must have been painful, for those that didn’t have any form of home insurance it must have been excruciating! If your home suffers from flood damage and you don’t have any form of home insurance you will have to find every penny and every pound to cover the costs of any building damage as well as any builders costs, the replacement of furniture and most importantly the rendering of your home habitable. All of this takes time, time you will have to spend away from the property, away from your home.
While money can’t replace the memories of a video nor can cash cover the upset of losing one’s home as they know it. What it can do is protect you and your loved ones in the eventuality of such a disaster. Rather than having to deal with funding alternative accommodation on top of dealing with the trauma of watching your children’s toys float off in a muddy trail down the street there is great comfort to be drawn from knowing your insurance will cover the cost of alternative accommodation after your home has been rendered inhabitable.
As well as that you will not be like the 20% of individuals in the country who do not enjoy the benefits of contents insurance and the huge number of individuals who during last year’s storms, earthquakes and flash flooding had the contents of their property damaged. For those who suffered at the hands of flood water it was not only the dissipating of the water that left an ugly stain and stench, but the realisation that they had scrimped on the £15 a month contents insurance cost and now were looking at around £26,000 worth of damage.
It wasn’t only their ‘stuff’ that needed covering but all their furniture too, their leather sofas, their carpets, the rugs and their cabinets. Understanding that contents insurance is for all your ‘non-fixed’ appliances, furniture as well as all your ‘stuff’.

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