Car Insurance – Covering the Cost of Repairs to your Roof Rack

You should check your policy schedule to see if you have cover while you’re using your car within the EU. Some insurers do not provide full cover in the EU which may mean that you’re not covered for things like damage to your own vehicle. If you want to extend your insurance policy to give you protection while driving in the EU, or to cover you in a country outside the EU, you must contact your car insurance company before you leave.
The British love holidays, in fact in the 12-month period to January 2011, 54.9 million UK residents made trips abroad.[1] If you decide to take your car on holiday abroad, it is worth checking your car insurance. Car insurance providers will cover your legal liability to others while you are using your car within the European Union and any other country which has agreed to follow Article 7 of the EU Directive on Insurance of Civil Liabilities arising from the use of motor vehicles.
Taking your car on holiday can seem like a great idea but in reality, long journeys in cramped cars can be difficult for everyone. Not only is a car full of luggage uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous.
A blocked rear view mirror increases your chances of an accident and although your car insurance may be able to protect you financially, it’s the last thing you want on your way to a holiday destination. A roof rack can therefore help keep your view through the rear windscreen clear and safe.
As well as making you safer, roof racks can also make packing the car easier. Finding a way to get everything you need on your holiday into the car, whilst still leaving room for your passengers, can be like a nightmarish game of Tetris. You will probably get there in the end, but at what cost to your mental health and blood pressure? Roof racks can certainly take the pressure off; they can almost double the boot capacity of a small vehicle so you may well find you have room to spare.
If you do decide to use a roof rack, you need to take the proper safety precautions before setting off on your journey. Make sure you tightly secure all the items using roof rack ties and then drive around the block a few times to make sure nothing flies off.
With reputable car insurance, a good roof rack and the right precautions, the journey to your holiday destination can be a more leisurely, safe and enjoyable affair.
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