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Recent reports have shown that one in ten people have been burgled, whilst they have been on holiday, according to research survey conducted by Churchill home insurance.
Nine per cent of UK homeowners how have been away for a weekend or even a day trip, have had contents of the homes stolen, whilst they were away with a total value of items stolen averaging £3,288 per incident.
Claire Foster, spokesperson for Churchill Insurance, commented: “Arriving back from a holiday or a quick break to discover your home has been broken into is an awful experience for anyone to endure. Whilst insurance cannot prevent burglary, it can provide reassurance that the monetary value of anything stolen is covered.”
The survey highlighted the current trends that have seen portable and easy to carry items with high value being stolen. Traditional stolen items such as TV and stereos, have been on the decrease. DVDs, CDs and videos took up 44 per cent of theft incidents, 43 per cent were stolen jewellery and money, credit cards and cheque books took up 42 per cent of theft cases. Electrical goods followed closely after.
Optimistically, the items mentioned above along with many other household items can be protected by home insurance, however some items which have sentimental values, make could well be irreplaceable making home security measures of even greater importance. Almost one in five (19 per cent), have had family heirlooms stolen from their home whilst they were away and 28 per cent were emotionally attached to the items claiming they had held ‘great memories.’
Claire Foster concludes: “We would urge homeowners to ensure their contents insurance is fully up to date and high value items are individually listed. Plus, there are a few simple home security steps that can help keep homes and their contents protected.”
Churchill Home Insurance, has also gave advice and tips on making your home as secure as possible before you travel, and throughout your time away. These tips aim to minimise the risk of being burgled. These include,
[*]Open curtains and take in newspapers, post and milk before you leave in the morning (remember to cancel orders if you are away for a few days).
[*]Don’t leave valuable items in view while you are out.
[*]If you are away for longer than 30 days in a row, put items into storage as they may not be covered..
[*]Ask a friend or neighbour that you trust to check on your property and collect the mail while you are away.
[*]Explain to all those who have access including friends, family, gardener or cleaner how to lock up properly and leave your home secure.
[*]Ensure gates and outbuildings are locked.
[*]Reduce the chance of opportunistic thieves using ladders and tools you leave out in the open or in an unlocked shed to access your property.
[*]Ensure potential points of entry are well lit.[/u]

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